Mr Moose

Bilberry Woods storybook character Mr Moose handmade from wool felt by Laura Mirjami | Mirjami Design.jpg

Mr Moose, or ‘Herra Hirvi’ as you would say in Finnish is a very accomplished Concert level pianist and he gets to play his music all over the world. This makes him a very well travelled moose. Sometimes though he is not very happy if he arrives at the venue to play and they haven’t taken into account how big his impressive antlers are and there is not enough room for them!

Bilberry Woods Character Mr Moose by Laura Mirjami

One time they even thought that a normal size piano would do and you can just imagine how he looked with his long legs, big antlers and very grumpy face. Now he is very careful to send his requirements well in advance.

Mr Moose also speaks five different languages although it is slightly questionable as he tends to mumble his words a lot and therefore you can’t really hear what he is saying. Somehow though he manages to get understood regardless what country he is in.

LIKES: Strong black coffee with sugar, reading and crosswords.

DISLIKES: Wet grass and bumping his antlers into the ceiling.

MOTTO: Learn something new everyday.