Hemingway The Squirrel

Bilberry Woods storybook character Hemingway the Squirrel handmade from wool felt by Laura Mirjami | Mirjami Design.jpg

Hemingway is a hairdresser and he has a new Salon in Bilberry Woods called Hair by Hemingway. He fell in love with the premises at first sight and an additional bonus was that the Bilberry Woods Candle Factory, run by Mr and Mrs Mole, extends underneath the Salon and with some negotiation Hemingway managed to get a good deal with the Moles Family to rent one of the underground halls which is absolutely perfect for his nut collection.

Bilberry Woods character Hemingway the Squirrel soft sculpture outside his hair dressing salon.

When Hemingway arrived at Bilberry Woods he quickly established a solid customer base including Mr Higgins (Bernard the Badger) who wasn’t that keen on a fancy Salon at first, but after his unfortunate fall into the river he had to get his long fur cut immediately and as he figured out that he couldn’t let Mrs Higgins know about the foolish incident at the river (rightly so since Mrs Higgins would have been furious!) he had to pay a visit to Hair by Hemingway as the other barbers would have meant passing by his house and most likely being spotted by Mrs Higgins and most definitely being scolded by her, probably even shouted at.

LIKES: Scented candles which he can get a discounted rate from the Candle Factory as long as he keeps Mrs Mole happy with various different hair treatments.

He also prefers pink Christmas baubles instead of more traditional colours.

DISLIKES: Liquorice, at least the salted type and he doesn’t know how to say to Mika the Mouse that he doesn’t like it as Mika always brings him back a bag or two from Finland. He should have said no right at the beginning, but he didn’t want to hurt Mika’s feelings and now he has a cupboard full of liquorice.

MOTTO: When feeling down, have a haircut. But do have it some other times too. Happy people are also very welcome in the salon. And indifferent ones too. In fact any types really.