'Tonttu' - Dwarf

Bilberry Woods storybook drawf handmade from wool felt by Laura Mirjami | Mirjami Design.jpg

These little dwarfs with different coloured hats are everywhere in Bilberry Woods although they are a little difficult to spot. Their main job is to carry messages from fairies to the rest of the world, so really you could call them couriers. They move incredibly fast – sort of hovering – their little feet dangling in the air – and if you really focus you can see them whizzing all around you.

Bilberry Woods Character 'Tonttu' - Dwarf by Laura Mirjami

The different coloured hats often (but not always) signifies what messages they are carrying. Greens are generally related to plants and trees, blues to the rivers and lakes and pinks and yellows for different flowers.

The red hats work only for Santa Claus and his fairies and they are probably the hardest to spot until December arrives and they are absolutely everywhere!

There is not much more we know about them at this moment, but I will keep you posted as we learn more.

LIKES: We don’t know them well enough to say.

DISLIKES: Again it is hard to say as we don’t have enough knowledge of them.

MOTTO: We shall be asking this if we get to talk to one.