Rupert The Reindeer

Bilberry Woods character Rupert the Reindeer animal figurine handmade from wool felt by Laura Mirjami | Mirjami Design.jpg

Rupert the Reindeer originally comes from tundra high up north from Bilberry Woods, but his joints are suffering from cold and therefore he has moved permanently to Bilberry Woods. He still visits tundra regularly, but mainly in the summer months.

Bilberry Woods Character Rupert The Reindeer

Rupert is a cousin of the very famous Rudolf the Reindeer who, as we all know, works for Santa Claus. Rupert himself has worked a bit for Santa too in his younger years, but these days he prefers to stay in his cosy home at Christmas. He does though always serve refreshments for Rudolf and his co-workers on Christmas Eve and often even Santa himself comes in for a cup of spiced silver tea!

Rupert is also a very keen knitter and crocheter he regularly makes new multicoloured knee warmers that keep his joints cosy in the winter months. Other Bilberry Woods inhabitants also have various knitted or crocheted items from Rupert who is very eager to give his creations away as presents. In fact, there is not one soul in Bilberry Woods that doesn’t have something knitted by Rupert whether it is a hat or a scarf or a tea cosy.

LIKES: Knitting, crocheting, sunshine and wrapping up presents.

DISLIKES: Cold weather, yarn that gets tangled and over boiled eggs.

MOTTO: Knitting makes you happy!