Pedro The Penguin

Bilberry Woods character Pedro the Penguin handmade by Laura Mirjami | Mirjami Design.jpg
Bilberry Woods character Pedro the Penguin sitting on his tweed chair reading books | Handmade by Laura Mirjami | Mirjami Design..jpg

Pedro is originally from Spain, and his initial arrival caused a bit of a stir in Bilberry Woods as some other animals said he didn’t fit in since he wasn’t a woodland creature. But Pedro didn’t mind and simply settled into his little cottage.

Every day he would walk to the Lake and test the water. Up to this date he still hasn’t swum in the Lake, he says it is still too cold and too wet. The only exception to his non-swimming days was the day when he saved Bernard the Badger from drowning in the river.

That day didn’t only earn him the full respect of the Bilberry Woods residents, but also Bernard became one of his best friends and most afternoons they still meet up for a cup of silver tea with a dash of brandy.

They would either sit in the front garden by the Cherry tree or inside by the fire and have a game of scrabble. The aim was to teach Pedro English, but he stubbornly insisted on using Spanish words on the board. Hence Bernard the Badger has learned quite a bit of Spanish.

Likes: Well aged brandy and log fires.

Dislikes: Swimming – the water is usually too cold. When you lose a scrabble piece.

Motto: Life is like well-aged brandy: rich and full bodied, but full of surprises.