Onni The Polar Bear

Bilberry Woods character Onni the Polar Bear animal figurine handmade from wool felt by Laura Mirjami | Mirjami Design.jpg

Onni comes from the great Arctic bear family that has been living in the Arctic for as long as there has been the Arctic. Onni’s father is the King of the North and one day in the future Onni is supposed to take the throne. Onni can’t quite see that happening as he has moved to Bilberry Woods and opened a Guest House. If he was to return to the Arctic, he would miss his friends terribly. Currently, he is working on how to avoid the kinghood, and he appreciates any good suggestions.

Onni is a Finnish word and means 'happiness' or 'luck', and his whole family's great ability is to bring good luck and fortune to those who are lucky enough to find them. Onni, of course, is easy to find at his Guest House in Bilberry Woods and he too brings good luck to all his visitors. He doesn't advertise this fact though or he would probably get inundated with too many visitors.

Likes: Flowers and evergreen leaves.

Dislikes: Weather so cold that it makes your eyelids to freeze shut unless you blink all the time.

Motto: Good friends are worth more than anything else in the world.

Onni the Polae Bear paperweight handmade from Kunin eco-fi felt made from plastic bottles | by Bilberry Woods.jpg