Ollie The Owl

Bilberry Woods storybook character Ollie the Owl handmade from wool felt by Laura Mirjami | Mirjami Design.jpg

Ollie the Owl lives high up in the Tree and has a reputation of a wise owl or at least a very knowledgeable owl, but sometimes you do wonder when you see him bumping into branches when he’s forgotten to swing his head back to see where he is going.

Bilberry Woods character Ollie the Owl soft sculpture wool felt figurine by Laura Mirjami

He is doing that a lot since he is always observing what is going on below him and with his excellent eyesight and acute hearing, he’s the one to ask what is going on in Bilberry Woods.

Ollie the Owl also loves information and is constantly collecting news and top secret files which he gets Benny the Bat to deliver to him.

Who knows what he is doing with all this information and indeed what the information is, but it seems to keep him happy and well occupied between his teaching at the Village School and choir singing.

The only trouble seems to be though that Ollie has so much information that when you actually want to know something it takes him what feels like days to get to the correct paper and by then you’ve either found out the answer from someone else or the information has become irrelevant. Ollie though doesn’t seem to have any problem with that, he thinks is well worth waiting for some good bit of info or juicy gossip.

LIKES: Singing, but only in a group. He couldn't possibly even imagine singing solo – terrifying. And collecting information,

DISLIKES: When he is the last one to know something.

MOTTO: Never discard any piece of information, it may become useful in the future.