Marie The Mouse

Bilberry Woods storybook character Marie the Mouse handmade from wool felt by Laura Mirjami | Mirjami Design.jpg

Marie loves sewing and is always doing some alterations for the other inhabitants of Bilberry Woods, especially for Henrietta the Hare who loves 50’s dresses and is always asking Marie’s help to alter them to fit her.

Bilberry Woods character Marie the Mouse wool felt soft sculpture by Laura Mirjami

Marie doesn’t mind, they often sit together, sew and drink lots of silver tea and have a good gossip about pretty much everything and anything.

Marie is also learning French and is hoping to go to see the lavender fields in France one day. Her dream will come true when she marries Mika the Mouse and they travel around Europe for their honeymoon. But that is in the future.

Marie also teaches at the Bilberry Woods School.

LIKES: Sewing, needlework and well-ironed sheets.

DISLIKES: When you leave tailor’s chalk onto the floor, step on it and it crumbles into dust.

MOTTO: With needle and thread I can do anything!