Hartwig The Hedgehog

Bilberry Woods storybook character Hartwig the Hedgehog handmade from wool felt by Laura Mirjami | Mirjami Design.jpg

Hartwig the Hedgehog runs the Village Shop in Bilberry Woods. Inside the shop is also the Post Office and Lost and Found which is where you take lost property. The shop is full of other things as well, groceries, magazines, sweets and all sorts of other useful, and some not so useful, things. And although the shop is full of things, everything has its dedicated place, beautifully arranged and Hartwig knows every item and where it is.

Bilberry Woods Character Hartwig The Hedgehog by Laura Mirjami

Nothing irritates Hartwig more than when customers pick items up and put them down into a different spot! In fact you only have to twist a bottle so that the label is not facing straight out and you can hear Hartwig huffing and puffing in the background. Most of the Bilberry Woods inhabitants know this and they are very careful when they shop there making sure that everything stays the same.

Sometimes though young Henry the Harvest Mouse and his friend Findlay the Fox can’t resist twisting all the jam jars the wrong way round when Hartwig is busy with other customers. The two boys find it extremely funny, but not so much when they are caught (which is pretty much always) and they have to not only put everything back exactly how it was, but also dust all the shelves and wash the floor after school.

LIKES: Organising little items into little jars or drawers. Stocktaking, accounting and mushroom picking.

DISLIKES: Disorder, muddy footprints on the floor and when you take the last sip of a cup of tea and it is cold.

MOTTO: If you keep everything well organised you’ll sleep better.