Findlay The Fox

Bilberry Woods storybook character Findlay the Fox handmade from wool felt by Laura Mirjami | Mirjami Design.jpg

Findlay the Fox is the youngest son of Mr and Mrs Fox, and he has seven sisters and six brothers. Being the youngest of the family is not easy because everyone treats him like a baby and they often say that there is no point in telling him something because he wouldn't understand being too young!

Findlay hates that, and he prefers to spend time with Henry the Harvest Mouse who also happens to be the youngest of his family! Together they explore Bilberry Woods, and if you ever need a guide through the Woods, these two would be the ones to ask since they know most of it as well as the back of their paws.

Findlay also loves building cars and other moving objects. His sisters think it is a total waste of time as most of his inventions don’t really move that well, or parts of them break off in the test runs. But Findlay has grown a thick skin and won’t let his sisters' sneers to dampen his spirits, in fact, one day he is convinced he will build a spaceship!

Likes: Bits of metal, nuts and bolts. Exploring the Forest and blackberry sweets.

Dislikes: His sisters (at least most of the time) and being the youngest sibling.

Motto: You can build anything.

Findlay The Fox paperweight |handmade from eco felt made from plastic bottles | by Bilberry Woods.jpg