David The Dragon

Bilberry Woods storybook character David the Dragon handmade from wool felt by Laura Mirjami | Mirjami Design.jpg

David originally comes from the Dragon Hill west of Bilberry Woods where most of the dragons still live, apart from David. These dragons on the High Hills fight a lot. They have fighting tournaments where the biggest and strongest dragons compete against each other.

Bilberry Woods Character David The Dragon by Laura Mirjami Bilberry Woods

The strongest dragons are the most admired and respected in the dragon world. Little dragons are trained to become strong and proud right from an early age and a dragon is not really a dragon if its tail is not strong, its nailed are not as sharp as pins and its breath is not as hot as a volcano’s centre.

Every dragon on Dragon Hill has all those three vital characteristics apart from David. He has no fire in his breath. Not even a bit of smoke, nothing. But that doesn’t bother David, it used to, but since he found a new purpose in life thanks to the other animals of Bilberry Woods he is now a very happy dragon with no fire, but he is an expert tree surgeon and he helps not only the Beavers, but other animals too to keep the trees healthy and he even cuts firewood for everybody in the village.

LIKES: Chopping wood and cupcakes.

DISLIKES: Animals who try to show off.

MOTTO: To lose something precious is painful, but sometimes it makes room for something new and even better.