Bernard The Badger

Bilberry Woods storybook character Bernard the Badger and his wife Mrs Higgins handmade from wool felt by Laura Mirjami | Mirjami Design.jpg

Bernard the Badger, or Mr Higgins as most know him, has the most incredible coat that grows faster than any fur available and if he doesn’t trim it regularly his coat would pick up half the Forest on his walks!

Bilberry Woods Bernard the Badger having one of his daily walks. copy.jpg

For a long time, he insisted on keeping his coat long and he simply picked all the leaves and twigs off before going inside and leaving them all over the front lawn to Mrs Higgins' annoyance.

One stormy day he fell into the Great River whilst crossing over Pine Tree Bridge and his coat got so heavy in the water that if Pedro the Penguin wasn’t passing by and jumped in to rescue him, that would have been the end of Mr Higgins and his long coat. Since then the Pine Tree Bridge area is simply known as Higgins Brook.

These days Mr Higgins always keeps his coat well trimmed and since that dreadful day he has become best friends with Pedro. Together they play Scrabble and drink plenty of silver tea or, if the weather is a bit damp and cold, a drop of Pedro’s finest brandy does the trick to warm up the bones and keep the cold away.

LIKES: Long walks in the woods, learning Spanish and hairbrushes.

DISLIKES: Rude behaviour and Marmite.

MOTTO: A walk a day, keeps the doctor away.