Benny The Bat

Bilberry Woods storybook character Benny the Bat handmade from wool felt by Laura Mirjami | Mirjami Design.jpg

Benny the Bat is a master pilot and he doesn’t enjoy anything more than flying as closely as possible to objects around him and these include trees and fellow inhabitants of Bilberry Woods. Some though, like Croaker the Frog, find Benny’s near miss swoops most disturbing and he prefers to dive into the river as soon as he sees Benny approaching. Benny finds it very funny and his favourite game is to get as close to Croaker as possible without being spotted.

Bilberry Woods Character Benny The Bat by Laura Mirjami

Sometimes you can hear a terribly loud croak followed by a big splash and that would mean that Benny has succeeded in sneaking up on Croaker.

Having said all this if Croaker is surfing then he doesn’t mind Benny flying by and often they have a good old race across the lake. Benny always wins,  of course, but it just makes Croaker even more determined to build a faster windsurfing board.

Benny is also very useful for the other Bilberry Woods inhabitants as he is keen to deliver messages and is always competing with himself for his personal best speed flying results.

He also delivers secret files for Ollie the Owl from various pickup points and thus keeping the trail cold for anyone following.

LIKES: Flying really, really, really fast. So fast that it is almost impossible for a normal eye to see him.

DISLIKES: Walking, swimming and any other activity that doesn’t involve flying.

MOTTO: Fly as fast as possible and no worries will catch you.