Bella The Beaver

Bilberry Woods character Bella the Beaver who loves learning handmade from wool felt by Laura Mirjami | Mirjami Design.jpg

Bella the Beaver lives with her parents and siblings just a little walk away from Bilberry Woods at the Beavers’ settlement and Bella’s grandfather is the leader of them all.

Bella The Beaver Felt Sculpture by Bilberry Woods

Generally, beavers like to keep themselves to themselves. They work hard keeping the rivers and streams in tip-top condition. They build bridges and nurseries for the baby fish and every year they have a meeting with King Salmon and they talk about the salmon’s journey up the river and which places need conservation. Somehow all this make beavers feel very important as they hear stories from the sea and thus feel they are brighter than the rest of the animals of Bilberry Woods.

However, Bella is a little different from the rest of her family as she is great friends with Henry the Harvest Mouse, Findlay the Fox and Oscar the Orangutan. She is also the only beaver who attends the Bilberry Woods school and not the Beavers school and she loves learning and is one of the top pupils.

It was also thanks to Bella’s bright thinking and kindness that made David the Dragon find a new happy life in Bilberry Woods after he had to leave the Dragon’s Hill.

LIKES: Swimming and collecting perfectly round pebbles from the seaside. And school.

DISLIKES: Unclear instructions and unfinished tasks,

MOTTO: Learning is fun, but swimming is even more fun.