Hector The Arctic Hare

Bilberry Woods storybook character Hector the Arctic Hare handmade from wool felt by Laura Mirjami | Mirjami Design.jpg

Hector is a master snow plasterer and there is a continuous demand for his services. The warming climate means the snow plaster wears off much quicker than in the old days and therefore his workload has grown over the years. He finds it hard to take time off especially since he finds it nearly impossible to turn down any work.

Bilberry Woods character Hector the Arctic Hare soft sculpture, handmade from wool felt..jpg

Hector also makes the best ice lanterns in the area and his talent of ice sculpturing is rather special too, but unfortunately, he doesn’t have much time to do that these days.

When Hector has some time off from work he loves to go skiing (no skis needed – his hind legs are the best!) He would ski the entire day and stop at the Fleming's Lodge for a long, delicious lunch. Their naturally chilled ice creams and sorbets are to die for and his favourite flavour is pistachio.

LIKES: ice sculpturing, skiing and ice cream.

DISLIKES: working on the weekends and turning down any work.

MOTTO: What ever work you do, do it well.