A New Challenge!

Today was bright and beautiful. The apple tree at the church yard, where I take our little terrier Pixie for a lunch time walk, was just about to blossom and peacock butterflies seemed to be everywhere (at least I think that's what they were...) Pixie didn't pay any attention to either, but instead she was on a hunt for squirrels. Probably no point in saying that she didn't catch any. Her lunch arrived later on in a shape of a doggy biscuit.

After lunch I finished off an order for

Teddy Bears of Witney

and then I started to plan out my next big adventure! Well, it may not be that big.... and probably not that exciting for anybody other than for myself, but if it all goes well, perhaps others can benefit from it too.

Basically, as I was tidying and rearranging my studio yesterday... I know, again! I do that ever so often! Some think I am completely mad, but I just love doing it. Will post some photos another day. Anyway, I realized how much stuff I have. So much fabric, thread, beads, buttons, ribbon and various teddy bear joints, eyes, stuffing etc. And it was then that I decided to set this challenge for myself that has two rules:

1. For a next couple of weeks (or more if this works out nicely) I am allowed to make items ONLY from the existing materials. If I desperately need something, say particular size of owl eyes it has to be seriously negotiated!

2. All the items made have to be from previous ideas that I have never had a moment to take further. The reason for this rule is that I can so easily get carried away with yet another idea and then run out of steam and put it on one side. It is time to pick up all those 'on one side' ideas and prototypes and let them come to alive!

Of course I will carry on making existing little characters and writing the stories, but you may just see some of the characters popping up in all sorts of colours and sizes. The aim is to do what ever I feel like on that day and I should try to get at least one item done every day, document it here with images and then put it on for sale on Etsy.

(The reason I've chosen Etsy is that I find the system easier than my own website.)

So there you are! My new big adventure! It may not be the most riveting idea, but I can't wait! I will start tomorrow! I have some orders to do as well and getting Etsy shop looking nice again may take some time, so I am not going to be too harsh on myself if I can't get an item up on Etsy, but at least I will be making something fun and different! Or actually I don't want to say that, I may just feel like making another Mika the Mouse, but that is fine too as long as he comes with some sort of a new twist, like new packaging that I've been thinking about at some point!

Hope you had a good day too! I'll leave you now with some photos, one being more animated version of Croaker the Frog that I found and others are some of the materials.... x