Spring Owls

Today you are going to have two blog posts for the prize of one! Lucky you :))

Reason being that I never published the first one! Can't quite worked out how come... must have lost the plot momentarily, since I'm sure I did publish it! I was probably just happily reviewing the post and never actually pressed publish button... Oh well, never mind.

The good news is that I am still making owls so everything ties on nicely :) So here comes Thursday's making! (I think it was Thursday...)

As the weather was picking up today (Thursday), I just couldn't help, but making a few more Spring owls!

This time they are a little smaller in size than yesterday, only about 6cm tall, but they are so much fun to make too.

I continued with the yellow colour and then tried a couple in Liberty fabrics too. Perhaps they are a bit busy with the colourful stitching...

And they have a little loop so they could be a nice little bag charm or chunky key ring. Just like I used to make them some time ago :) xxx

And then yesterday (Friday) I carried on with the owls and made these, blue to contrast with the yellow :)

As I was making these owls I remembered I made some keyring experiments about year and half ago that were based on these same owls, just a very flat version of them. So I dug out the patterns and voila! This was the result! And now I can't wait to make more,  with different colour combinations.

So in the end of the evening I had this strange little group together with all sorts of owl experiments. Now I just need to decide what to do with them. Some will definately be made into making pattern or a kit, and perhaps nice little boxes for them would be nice too... And perhaps I should put some of them on Etsy as that was part of the original Making Challenge.... xxx