Maisy the Mouse

Day 1 of the Making Challenge

Another glorious day and on our usual lunchtime walk with Pixie there wasn't even a single cloud in the sky. Pixie busied herself as usual with the squirrels and sniffing her way around the gravestones and I was soaking up the sun.

By the way the church yard here in Cirencester is really nice in case you wonder why on earth I choose to walk there! It's peaceful, there are beautiful trees, flowers, birds, squirrels and benches where you can sit down and have a little rest. I suppose I often cheat a bit with the walking part, but Pixie is always happy darting around and of course there is always the evening walk where we walk a bit more enthusiastically...

Anyway, so as I was watching Pixie running around I thought how well the day had gone so far. I got on with the orders really well in the morning since I was so eager to start something really fun in the afternoon! And actually now as it is approaching 7pm I can say that I have more or less met my goals set for today! Hurray, that really doesn't happen that often!

I cheated just a little bit... I made Maisy the Mouse, but really I had her more or less made up from another day.

However for my defense I will say that I spend rather long time planning what courses to run and teach later on in the year here at the New Brewery Arts, so that was good too and I think I will excuse myself. I will tell all about the courses later on, but for now here is Maisy and her shiny new box with Strawberry design by Faisal Khouja. (You can check our his website here for all the other amazing artwork he does

I thought the design inside the box would be so lovely, such a nice surprise when you open it!

So I will be looking into making more of these, since it is so much fun too. After all, I did fold and cut paper four years in the past whilst doing my paper restoration degree course and later on working for a commercial gallery in London. It felt rather good to be back working with paper! Now I can't wait to make notebooks. I found a lot of unused paper from previous experiments....

I think I just need to add a little more 'finishing touches' with the box. Like a nice label and maybe a pretty gift tag and some ribbon. But all that can be left for tomorrow.

I am also pleased to say that Maisy is up on Etsy too! Check her our


. Unfortunately I didn't manage to clean up the shop much today. I'm desperate to make a lovely new banner and upload more photos, but perhaps all that can be done whilst making and uploading other items. So all in good time.

See you tomorrow! xxx