Day 4 of the Making Challenge

I've been making this bear throughout the week, but since it was a birthday present I didn't want to post it earlier, just in case the lovely recipient would see it!

It wasn't strictly speaking part of the Making Challenge, but on the other hand it fitted in well, since it got me making teddy bears again. I can't even remember when I last did a bear before this one! That is a bit sad, don't you think! I have tones of lovely materials, joints, eyes etc. so I will be making more :)

There is not much to say about this bear apart from that I had a couple of choices of fabric and eventually went with some really lovely and soft grey wool knowing that person that the bear was for loves grey. I also added a bow tie in the end – for the party :) – which was held on Saturday and I think there will be more bow ties coming along since I think it looks so sweet on the bear!!

So here is a photo gallery of the making the bear. If you are interested in more how the bear is made, about any techniques etc. just ask me. I might even try to put a some sort of tutorial together in the future :) xxx