Party Hats

There is nothing more fun than making party hats for a mouse party. I know - it's completely bonkers, but someone has to do it!

Henry came to me yesterday to ask if I could help him to get ready for his birthday party. He specifically wanted some sort of party hats and a cake and I promised to do my best.

This is how our day went:

This is Henry as he arrived to ask about the party hats. Just couldn't resist those eyes!

I asked Henry to choose some colours for the hats, but he couldn't decide and called on his friends George and Andy to help.

Three of them were chatting for what seemed like ages whilst I was trying my best not to eavesdrop, apparently it was "boys' stuff". I offered them a very nice and stylish combination of colours, but as you can see from their faces, they were not impressed.

Then they announced that it was time for lunch and off they went! Henry kind of said to me just to get on with it so I did. I picked pink! Perhaps a little mean, but it was only an experiment :)

Ready to sew...

Ready to turn...

But no party hat is complete without the elastic band that is either too tight or too lose!

When the boys got back I forced Henry to trial the party hat, so that I can see the shape and make the elastic just the right length. He wasn't pleased at all, but tried it on anyway. I thought it looked rather good on him!

Henry disappeared with the boys again rather quickly whilst I was left to make the cake. Surprisingly I kept on using pink for candles!

Candle experiments, stripy or not?

Probably not stripy...

Definitely not stripy, but perhaps with flames...

When the boys got back George and Andy were still laughing at Henry and his pink party hat so I thought the only proper way to deal with them was to have them all to try the hats and pose around the cake!

After us all having a good laugh about the pink hats I did whole lot of new hats that the boys tried and seemed to be much happier about. Now we just have to decide on the colour of the cake, but that can wait till another day :)