The Return of the Blogger :)

(Yes, it's been awhile, sorry.

I am writing this in brackets as just a little footnote type of sentence, so that I am not drawing too much attention to the fact that is has been a while since I've been here...:))

First of all I just have to say this: I can't believe it's nearly November!!

I'm feeling poorly today and instead of animal making, which there is plenty, I am taking time out to sort out other things, mainly updating things online and working on my website (fabulous iweb is back in action, thank you Apple! so I'm busy converting my website back to how it was before Big Cartel).

I initially thought that Big Cartel would be a great option, but with my non existing computer programming skills I've found their set up a little limiting.


Then there are lots of other things I could write about...

Lets see.... Yes, felt.

I've started using wonderful 100% wool felt. Not felting, but using it in a fabric form, so still everything stitched into a shape. And I love it!

The only thing that is slightly dampening my spirits about it is that many people think I am now using somehow cheaper and less inferior materials, but it is not like that all! The felt is actually more expensive than the woven fabrics and it is beautifully manufactured in Germany.

It also creates wonderful clean lines that really bring focus back to the shape of the item and some ways it is even harder to work with than woven fabrics. But then again it is some what easier to cut and it has a lovely slight stretch that works so well when filling the animals as you can accentuate the shapes.

Also the colours are just gorgeous. I particularly like the natural shades, they so remind me of Finland, plus it is lovely to bring some other colours to the pallet. Now you could have a sweet little mouse in pink!

So here we are, it is nice to be back and I will try to return earlier than a month or two later :)) x