When I started Mirjami Design I had two options:

1. To sit down and make a business plan. (All good, proper business people to that :)


2. To sit down and do this and embark on a journey that I had no idea what I was doing!!

(Look at it! It's a far off from what I am making these day! Looks like some deformed horror film character!)

 What happened next was that I learned as I went along. It is not the greatest way, but boy you learn from it!

It is a painful way and once you've gone through all silly mistakes you really wish you did stop for a minute right at the beginning and thought through what you were doing. You, well I, would have saved myself a lot of headaches.

But maybe that is the way it is.

If you, I, did think it all through I would have never been brave enough to go ahead with it all.

Also if you think too much about practicalities and put your business hat on too tightly you will kill the flow of creativity.

What you really need is a good balance and if possible have someone to keep you in check! I certainly wouldn't have been able to make it without some harsh love from the nearest and dearest of mine :)

Not too sure why I decided to start here, although it is of course an obvious choice since it was the beginning!

But I've been having such a bad time lately that I have really started to doubt if what I do is really the best thing and when those doubts arises it is nice to look right back to the beginning and from there, from this little bear (he's about 8cm tall when sitting) I see again what I saw then: a promise to reach something different and special to me.

I wanted to create something that made me feel like I am a magician turning something as boring as white piece of felt into something that has a life of its own that shines through its character.

My life hasn't been easy (a lot of illness, sadness and tough times) and I suppose creating my little characters have given me joy and hope to carry on.

I suppose in a funny way (and totally bonkers way!) these little creations are my way to fight back in the though world and I must say that nothing makes me feel like I'm achieving something when my creations bring a smile to someones face!

Now that must be worth more than a boring business plan :)

This latest bear I've done is a little different from the first one....