Learning A New Language

I've been learning a new language in the last couple of days.

 I wish I could say it is romantic French or beautiful Italian, but no it is more like this:


"DNS records"




etc. etc. etc. 

Looks familiar? 

Well it doesn't to me!!

For those who know about computer language I am sure each of these terms means awful lot, but for me it really is a new, and very annoying language.

All I am trying to do is to get my old web address to take you to my new website, which I've nearly finished building. 

Now building the website didn't come without problems either. Why is it that you never get the real deal before you actually start using a service that you just paid for?

When you are looking example websites (provided by the company you are thinking of using, shall I name and shame?) they are so beautiful and you think this is brilliant, but as soon as you start, the cruel reality slaps you in the face when "the computer" announces that you can do these things, which are about two, by using these simple tools over here and anything else you can do by just


customizing HTML, CSS code etc. 

And of course if you do some HTML coding it is totally up to you and the provider cannot make sure that anything will work. Well of course they can't and I am not asking that, but surely they could have been a bit more clear in the beginning that these website examples are created with some customized coding. Or indeed they could have mentioned that you would have to buy another template to get anywhere near to those results.

So thanks a lot Big Cartel.

Having said all that, maybe it is a good thing. Now my website is very simple, very clear and in a way it has been a good spring clean that I intend to carry on.

Have a look and see what you think:


Hopefully once I've learned this new, exciting (ha-haa), language I will be able to lose bigcartel from the address.

And to finish off I have to agree with Ludwig Wittgenstein:

"The limits of my language means the limits of my world."

Maybe a little bit of computer language learning wouldn't be so bad after all.... Would certainly open up a totally new world! :)

P.S I think I should add here that now that I've had my little complain about Big Cartel, I must admit that they are pretty good especially if accepting all above and I shall let you know how I get on when the website is up and running.