September Update

Once more the time has simply flown by! In fact, I have no idea where August disappeared and by this rate the September will be gone too in no time. Scary.

But, I have some good news!

Since my pages went online on the and especially since this newsletter

came out last Tuesday, I've been so busy making owls, mice, hearts etc! Finally I feel that the things have picked up and it is SO exciting!

And then if I wasn't over the moon already I got a wholesale enquiry from a very well know shop in London and it seems like I am getting an order in! I won't announce the deal yet, just in case it falls through and I would feel really stupid if I've already mentioned it here to the world (hahaa, especially since the readership of this blog is so vast!), but I will as soon as I get an order through.

Egg Cosies in making – nothing to do with the text, but the colours are fun!

So basically I'll be very, very busy for the next few months, but I have no complaints, it is great to be busy and feel that all that hard work over the past few months (years!) are finally bearing some nice fruit and I suppose I have to conclude that anything is possible with a lot of work, and then a whole lot more work with enormous amount of faith in what you do, and a little bit of good luck :)