About Bilberry Woods

Bilberry Woods animals are resourceful, kind and imaginative. They love to come together over food and drink with some light-hearted gossip. 

Each animal’s story illustrates something of life’s ups and downs. For example Mika The Mouse loves organising parties for every occasion thus reminding us how even the smallest events are worth celebrating. Or Onni The Polar Bear who moved to Bilberry Woods to open a Bed & Breakfast as he wanted a different life from the one he was born into.

Laura is writing and illustrating all the stories, twenty-six in total, one for each character.

Currently, the actual characters are brought to life in 3D as high quality crafted paperweights, handmade from felt (made from plastic bottles), filled with recycled polyester and steel.

Laura has a BA Hons Degree in art restoration, and she is also a trained re-upholsterer. Laura has run her own business for 12 years, and her career in arts and crafts has ranged from working for The Queen to selling thousands of animal paperweights in over 25 countries including Liberty in London.

Laura grew up in Finland and currently lives in the Cotswolds with her partner, a fellow artist, their son and a Jack Russell terrier.

When not working Laura loves reading children’s books to her son (and young adult novels for herself!), baking and having lazy Sunday walks with her family.